When You Send A Soldier Out On A Mission Like That You Better Be Playing For Keeps!

Stop giving away conquered territories! The price for securing them has been far to high!

We should be thinking about either conquering Afghanistan or moving out of the Islamic fascist state. No matter how much fighting we do there it will all be in vain when and if we do pull out.Why not just conquer the whole territory and consider it a gift to all of the civilized world and those who hunger for liberty. All qurans would need to be burned and the terrorist manifesto be banned.No form of the Islamic totalitarian regime should be left in tact!

“In addition to the 2,000 Americans killed since the Afghan war began on Oct. 7, 2001, at least 1,190 more coalition troops from other countries have also died, according to iCasualties.org, an independent organization that tracks the deaths.”
Can we really just leave Afghanistan now that so much has been invested in trying to liberate it from Islam?


In a country filled with a majority of nuts, the nuts vote in all elected officials. See why Democracy cannot work for nuts? Nothing will work for nuts!