Spiritual healing is real. Christ heals the mind and brings healing to the body also. I can testify to the healing power personally. My headaches are gone and hardly ever reappear. My eyesight has improved greatly since I was recently brought back to life (spiritually) by God, and I never take medication of any kind. I feel like a young teenage boy! I have the Light of God in my eyes, and can see it in other people’s eyes also, especially little children. Our God is a life giving Spirit!

The Holy Spirit affects all of creation, even the tiniest virus and bacteria. The key to receiving  a healing from God is knowing how He is able to unite all of creation in His Spirit of peace. Those who live by faith in God are able to be healed of every sickness known to exist. Another key to living by faith is the realization that we cannot save ourselves no matter how hard we try, and no matter how much our own scientific efforts attempt to. Since we cannot save ourselves why not just have faith in our Creator, knowing that even death is just another stage of our everlasting life reaching maturity?
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