Friday, October 30, 2015

Jews, Muslims, Law And Christian Enlightenment

A Global Antichrist Attack On Christianity And Our God, Who Is To Holy To Comprehend

The Jews claim to live by old testament laws. So why are they not sacrificing animals for sin offerings according to the law of Moses? Why are so many who claim to be Jews nothing more than a bunch extreme antichrist liberals and atheists? The law of Moses and the law of Muhammad both call for the stoning to death of women caught in adultery. So The Jews and the Muslims are all barbarians who rejected the enlightenment Christ brought to the world 2000 years ago!

A spiritual truth has just been revealed to me. I could never understand why the God of Love in the New Testament bible was so cruel in the Old Testament bible. Now it has been made clear to me! God is a pure and Holy Spirit. The sight of human perversions and extreme evil is intolerable to Him. Under Moses, animals had to be offered as sin offerings, and harsh laws enforced upon a rebellious humanity, addicted to evil and darkness. It was the only way the Holy Spirit could have any relationship with humans.

Now we have been offered a new birth through the shed blood of Christ. We are offered the chance to be become children of God, the Holy Spirit! We are no longer governed by barbaric laws, like the heathen are. This is true spiritual enlightenment and liberty!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Petition: Constitutional Amendment To Ban Islam In The USA

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[Update] After nearly 3000 signatures, called my petition hate speech and deleted it.

We have witnessed a hell on earth throughout the world because of the evil ideology called Islam. We see their evil works every day through the media. ISIS is just one of the branches on the evil tree. Others such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Bokoharam and many others are preventing peace and liberty for people all over the world today. Many are enslaved by Islamic tyrants in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, these being at odds with each other because of the Shia-Sunni sects of Islam. We are witnessing the most horrendous crimes against humanity the world has ever known because of Islam's never ending dream of conquering through terror.

I am sure that none of us want to see our country become an Islamic State. This could very well happen for our grandchildren, or at some time in the near future if we keep importing them into our country. Once they become a majority this democracy will become an Islamic State. Also we can look for widespread terror attacks as they begin to increase in number in the USA. The so called "moderate Muslims" can be radicalized with only a few trips to the mosques, and a few sermons from the terrorist manifesto, the Quran. Moderates are only peaceful when they are a minority, and when they are influenced more by other ideologies such as Democracy or Christianity. 

The Saudis and many other Islamic States do not allow any churches, Buddhist temples or synagogues, yet they spend millions on building mosques in our country. We made them filthy rich through oil money. Now they devour us. And we are threatened now with world war III because of the ISIS serial killers in Syria & Iraq as the superpowers become involved more.

We are seeking a constitutional amendment to ban Islam in the USA. This Islamic ideology makes Natzism  and Communism both combined look like good government. Darwinism has already destroyed much of the moral fiber of our nation, and of the world's. A growth of Islamism now might totally destroy our nation from within, and replace our liberties with barbaric Islamic sharia law.

Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. ~2 Corinthians 3:17 NKJV    Thanks
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