Sunday, February 2, 2014

Porn Addiction-Just As Harmful As Any Drug

porn addict
Once we become addicted to porn it gives us a lust filled high. But the mind is never satisfied and craves an even bigger high. Here is where the danger comes in. You will begin to hunger for more perverted forms of porn in order to satisfy your addiction, and to find an even greater high. Over a period of time this will lead you into real life perversions instead of just fantasies. There is no limit as to how far into the darkness of sexual perversion your addiction can lead you! If you are addicted to porn you need to get help with it before it destroys your relationships and leads you to destruction.

Evil Is Preached To The World By Musicians

devil music

  “Most of his songs are about murder and getting high, the streets, the devil and devil worship”.

Next time you see some nut shooting people in a school, mall  or other public place do not be surprised. You are reaping what has been sown into this society.

Banning guns, knives or other weapons would not stop the violence which  is being shaped by the media.  Guns and knives do not kill people, violent people kill people.

The media has the world addicted to violence in movies, video games and music. It makes them billions of dollars.

In a free society, evil people are free also, unless they break a law.This is why it is important to fight evil by shaping good minds within everyone from the start.
It is important to have good teachers. But good teachers cannot compete with a media which is leading people to mental destruction.

Bad news for those who love evil, you will never be free until you are rescued from the darkness.