Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trying To Discern Between Truth And Myths

It is amazing how so many religions have been born into this world. Most of the founders of these religions claimed to have all of the answers to life's mysteries. Many of these religions do offer us some words of wisdom to live by. But I believe there is more to life than what we know about or understand. And there may even be a power, a God, the Light of the universe. But religions are filled with many myths, and some are even evil and like a deadly plague for the human race.

Then comes science to the rescue. Some scientists would fit easily into the same category as the founders of mythical religions. They bring to us theories which they have dreamed up. These foolish dreamers love to explain to us what took place several billion years ago. It seems to me that neither science or religion can answer truthfully concerning our origins.

I think those who have found real love and peace within themselves are the most enlightened people on this planet. If there really is a perfect world in our future most of us would not be welcome there. We are to evil and corrupt within to fit into a perfect world. I think we must keep seeking to become perfect within. To live by the golden rule, to "do to others the things we want them to do to us" seems like a good place to begin. I believe the human mind can and must be enlightened with facts instead of theories and myths.