Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How Can You Shape History

I do not believe in destiny or that history is on some destined and preset course. I think we shape our own history by the choices we make. I certainly wish I could go back and reshape my history by making better choices. We will not all shape history in a big way but we will all play some part in it. I put together a couple of simple images in an attempt to demonstrate how this works. The images represent 2 different life choices (or paths) that a person had in life, choice A or choice B, and the effect the choice would have on history. Of course there would have been many more changes than just the shop in a real life history. There are people who may or may not have even existed for one thing! We are using a fictional person named John Doe in these examples.
Choice A
Choice B
John quit school in this choice. He began working on a farm at an early age and had 3 children with 2 different women.
In this choice John went to business school and opened up his own shop. He married a woman who he had grown up with and they had 2 children.
As you can see if John chooses choice B history has been greatly altered. The children he would would have had in choice A now do not even exist! The shop also would not exist in choice A. This would also have caused many other changes in history.